Friday, January 16, 2015

Common Problems with Asphalt

Asphalt is a great material to use for driveways. It is cheap to install, easy to maintain, and lasts for decades when properly maintained. However, it can present you with problems, especially when not cared for. Here are four common problems that an asphalt driveway can encounter, as well as solutions for fixing or preventing them.

Alligator Cracking
Also known as spider web cracking, this issue is characterized by lots of small cracks in the asphalt which cause it to look like alligator skin (see the picture above). Generally caused by structural damage, the best way to fix this is to cut out the affected pavement and patch the area with hot-mix asphalt.

Potholes generally form in the spring but are caused by winter weather. If snow isn't completely removed from your driveway after a storm, the water can penetrate the surface of your asphalt driveway. As the weather changes, this water will repeatedly thaw and freeze, causing it to expand and damage the pavement. The best way to prevent this is by always keeping your driveway clear of snow, slush, ice, and water.

Over time, your asphalt's beautiful black finish will begin to fade to a grayish-brown color. If you notice this starting to happen to your driveway, get it professionally sealcoated. Sealcoating your driveway not only improves its appearance; it provides an extra layer of defense and extends its lifespan.

Edge Cracks
Edge cracks appear within two feet of the edge of your driveway. They are usually caused by poor drainage conditions and excessive weight loads. The best way to prevent your driveway from cracking on the edge is by avoiding driving on the perimeter. When parking your car, always try to keep it as close to the center of your driveway as possible.

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