Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Asphalt Sealcoat: Dos and Don'ts

Sealcoating your asphalt driveway is a great way to maintain its look for as long as possible. In fact, sealcoating every two years can more than triple the lifespan of your asphalt driveway. Whether done professionally or as a DIY weekend project, follow these tips to make your sealcoat as effective as possible.

Do regularly wash your driveway.
After your driveway is sealcoated, it is important to keep it clean in order to preserve its appearance. If you notice leaves, dirt, or other debris beginning to cover your driveway, give it a quick rinse with your garden hose to clear it off. If these materials are allowed to build up, they could begin to dig into the sealcoating.

Do stay off the edges of your driveway.
Your driveway is much stronger in the middle than it is on the edges. Asphalt contains no strength of its own and gets its durability from a stone base. When a large amount of weight is placed on the edge, there is a high chance that it will crack. To avoid this, always stay at least one foot away from your driveway's boundaries with your vehicle.

Don't make sharp turns or move wheels while the car is still.
Turning your wheels too sharply, or turning them at all when the car is not in motion will cause gouges in your driveway's surface. Sealcoating contains oils to make it malleable, which leaves it susceptible to damage from the kneading and grinding motion of car tires. These oils will eventually evaporate and the sealcoat will completely solidify, but that process could take up to a full year.

Don't always park in the same spot.
Over the course of several months and years, parking your car in the same spot on your driveway could cause the sealcoating to compress. To avoid this from happening to you, move your car around to distribute usage across the whole driveway. For cars parked for an extended period of time, fire up the engine and move them a few feet forward or backwards every two weeks.

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