Thursday, June 26, 2014

How We Install a New Driveway

Here at Stasi Brothers Asphalt, we use a six-step process to install every driveway. It might sound excessive, but we’ve found that this is the best way to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting driveway.

Here’s a look at each step:

1. Removals

Whether you’re replacing an existing driveway or building a new one from scratch, we’ll have to work on removals first and foremost. Stasi Brothers Asphalt will get rid of your current driveway quickly and efficiently. If you have no driveway, we’ll work to remove grass and dirt in the spot you plan to build a driveway.

2. Stone Blend Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA)

Once we’ve made room for your new driveway, we’ll install your stone blend foundation. It’s a mixture of crushed concrete, asphalt fine screening that’s compacted to about 95 percent density with a three to five ton roller.

3. Belgium Block

In a proper foundation, Belgium block must be installed at the correct grade. It protects your driveway while also adding to its overall aesthetic appeal. We install Belgium block after the foundation is down.

4. Grading & Rolling

We grade and regrade. The final grade must be perfect before we install asphalt. Stone must be rolled until it’s compacted.

5. Install Asphalt

Next we install your new asphalt. We roll the asphalt until it’s set up.

6. Seal Coat

Finally, we apply the seal coat. The time it needs to set will vary based on factors like traffic uses.

Have more questions about how we install a new driveway? Visit for more information. Plus, share photos of your updated driveway with us on Twitter! Just tweet your photos @StasiBrothers.

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